Community surveillance for SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in the general and in high risk populations in Uganda and assessment of the wider impact of infection and of pandemic mitigation.

Lead Research Organisation: London Sch of Hygiene and Trop Medicine


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Technical Summary

In collaboration with MoH, we will undertake rigorous community SARS-CoV2/COVID-19 surveillance in high-risk and general populations, to identify infected individuals with and without symptoms. This would provide a robust foundation for answering critical scientific questions relating to the pandemic, including on transmission dynamics, burden and distribution of infection (including identifying vulnerable groups, such as older people or those with HIV/TB). In addition, with extensive background data and linkage to health facilities, we will determine clinical outcomes as well as understand the wider impacts of pandemic spread and associated mitigation strategies. This provides a resource in which to embed further work, including mechanistic research. The proposed study will last 18 months, covering the early and later stages of the pandemic, allowing for detection of secondary epidemic waves and to begin to examine the longer-term effects.


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