COVID-19 Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing - National Core Study (LWH-NCS)

Lead Research Organisation: University College London


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Technical Summary

The Longitudinal Health and Wellbeing National Core Study will improve understanding of C-19 infection risk factors, examine the physical and mental health consequences of asymptomatic to hospitalised cases, and assess the impact of population scale mitigation policy. We will unite distinct, but complementary, longitudinal studies already engaged in C-19 research, including UK representative population and hospitalised cohorts, household panel surveys, and national primary care registries. These will be enriched with health and administrative data linkage. Linkage, self-reporting and repeat serological assessment will allow greater precision in case assignment. This collective resource will be mined by a consortium of experienced analysts linked to these resources to provide rapid answers to existing and emerging priority research questions. For the first 6 months, these include short- and medium-term physical and mental health impacts of those who have had C-19 infection, risks of re-infection and role of risk factors, health effects of interruption to health care services, and the interplay between socioeconomic and health effects of viral suppression policies. Our outputs will include briefing notes as well as scientific reports in order to optimise policy influence.


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