COPD-like airway inflammation during RSV infection of older volunteers: INFLAMMAGE

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: National Heart and Lung Institute


Based on extensive preclinical and clinical research, we hypothesise that RSV disease represents a dysregulated and over-exuberant inflammatory response to infection. Steroids have limited efficacy, and identification of druggable inflammatory pathways in severe RSV disease would be of great potential value. There are promising clinical assets ready for investigation, however, our ability to test novel therapeutics is limited by the currently available models of viral disease and clinical endpoints tied to disease processes. Observational studies of natural infection are constrained by sampling, timing and access. We therefore propose to extend the experimental human RSV infection studies established at Imperial College to investigate the pulmonary response to RSV infection in older adult non-smokers and smokers, with the development of novel clinical endpoints which can then be used to evaluate the possible impact of treatment with validated novel anti-inflammatory agents from GSK in human RSV disease and therefore in COPD.

Technical Summary

Overall, the aims of this project are to investigate the mechanisms of inflammation in older adult volunteers during respiratory viral infection in vivo and in vitro to develop novel clinical end-points and biomarkers that correlate with infection outcome. In addition to elucidating the pathways involved in steroid-resistant inflammation triggered by viral infection, the future option of treatment with a validated novel therapeutic will allow us to determine if either reducing viral-driven inflammation or directly reducing viral load improves clinical outcome. The early Parts of this project will generate data which will enable selection of an appropriate clinical therapeutic agent for investigation.


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Description A UK underpinning platform to study immunology and immunopathology of COVID-19:The UK Coronavirus Immunology Consortium
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