Pioneering Renovite nanoclay gels in cell therapy

Lead Research Organisation: Renovos Biologics Limited
Department Name: Southampton Office


Synthetic nanoclays can form hydrogels that act as tissue templates and can be used to encapsulate, deliver and crucially, retain various molecules at a required site to influence tissue regeneration. Critically, Renovos has been pioneering the use of this novel material, Renovite, for medical applications as an injectable gel for localised protein delivery.

We have now established a new synthesis capability for Renovite nanoclay gels, extending the avenues for development for this industrially sustainable biomaterial across regenerative medicine. Due to the ability of the nanoclay gels to localise and retain molecules, this type of local delivery application offers improved safety and allows for lowering of the effective dose of many biologics that can be otherwise toxic.

Nanoclay gels are also potentially excellent candidates for delivering cells as the nanoclays allow diffusion of nutrients and their basic physical properties mimic the cell's native environment.

I will pioneer the use of this novel, synthetic gel biomaterial for application in cell therapy, building on the regenerative protein delivery background within Renovos and my expertise and interests in stem cell research. The largest unmet need from a medical and commercial perspective is novel biomaterial solutions that improve delivery and localisation for cells used in clinical practice (chondrocytes / autologous chondrocyte implantation or ACI) for cartilage regeneration or bone marrow aspirates (BMAs) for regenerative and immune modulating applications in cartilage and bone. This fellowship will provide innovation in cell therapy by delivering cutting-edge solutions based on a cost-effective, disruptive and highly competitive nanoclay biomaterial.


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