UK SOLAS PROGRAMME - Marine Science Research Facilitation Officer

Lead Research Organisation: Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Department Name: Plymouth Marine Lab


To assist the Principal Scientific Officers of the following SOLAS research cruises in the pre and post cruise preparation, and mobilisation and demobilisation of the research ships: In 2007: SOLAS-SEESAW; SOLAS-RHaMBle; and SOLAS-DOGEE II, and in 2008: SOLAS-INSPIRE. The role of the personnel within this grant submission is to facilitate the smooth running of the cruises bringing to bear many years of experience on past scientific voyages to help the Principal Scientists to have a successful and less stressful experience, particularly with first time cruise leaders. Scientific liason will be maintained along with co-ordination and planning of the individual cruise scientific objectives for each research cruise.


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Description The project funding was to facilitate the parallel science cruise programme. This it did as required in the proposed aims of the funding. The cruises were facilitated successfully and everything was carried out efficiently. The allowed the successful future grant funding for UK-Geotraces and also the UK Shelf Seas NERC programmes.
Exploitation Route Knowledge and experience gained will be used for future projects in order to allow them to be facilitated correctly. As it was not research as such there is no exploitation possible.
Sectors Environment

Description This was a practical programme that facilitated the cruises for SOLAS. The fact that the cruises were successfully carried out and with minimum problems is a testament to the success of the grant provision.
First Year Of Impact 2006