A study of processes controlling convection over complex terrain (UK-COPS)

Lead Research Organisation: University of Reading
Department Name: Meteorology


The Summary is completed on the Lead Organisation's form (Leeds University, joint reference F422302)


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Description The type and scale of air flow responsible for the convection over the mountains. Forecast models need to be able to capture these flows in order to predict the location and timing of the heavy precipitation. The models need to be run at about 400 m resolution.
Pollution from the valleys were vented into the free troposphere and thus into the clouds. It was not possible to determine the effect of this pollution on the clouds experimentally, but models suggest a large influence on the precipitation quantity.
The formation of ice particles likely is influenced by the aerosols released by the trees on warm days. It was not possible to study this further in the experiment.
The development of ice depended on the production of ice particles from existing ice particles. An attempt was made to quantify this effect in models to help improve forecasts of the quantity of precipitation.
Exploitation Route Improve forecasts of heavy precipitation over complex terrain and elsewhere.
Sectors Environment,Transport