Models and Impact Relevant climate Prediction (MIRP)

Lead Research Organisation: STFC - Laboratories
Department Name: RAL Space


The importance and relevance of communicating our knowledge of future climate has never been more widely recognised, and needs no further introduction here. Yet both the Stern report, which directly quantified costs and benefits, and most of the impact and adaptation component of the recent 4th Assessment of the IPCC report, were based on climate predictions which did not use the most recent physical climate predictions (in many cases on data six or more years old)!. This project is about exploiting the BADC position as one of three global repositories for model intercomparison data to facilitate information and data flow between the earth system modelling community and the impacts and adaptation communities, including both those who 'research' impacts and adaptation, and those at the front end of planning in government and industry. The main aim is to have in place the ability for that information flow to be appropriate and available during and soon after the next IPCC assessment phase, rather than inappropriate and years late!


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Description We have made PB of climate model data available, during, and since the award. Some of these data have been processed and customised for particular users.
Exploitation Route We continue to work with a range of data suppliers and users to understand the various limitations they have, and to reduce the friction between them.
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Description Generic and customised datasets have been provided to non-academic users of climate model data.
First Year Of Impact 2013
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Impact Types Policy & public services