Participation in IODP Expedition 339

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Earth Sciences


This proposal requests two months of salary and travel (to and from the ship) to support the participation of Prof. D. Hodell in IODP Expedition 339. The 56-day cruise to the Gulf of Cadiz and Southwestern Iberian margin will study Quaternary climate change and the history of Mediterranean Outflow water.

Planned Impact

The primarily beneficiary will be members of the academic community who are engaged in paleoceanographic research. The core material recovered during Expedition 339 will provide a valuable resource for the entire paleoceanographic community. In particular, the "Shackleton site" on the Portuguese margin is expected to produce a marine type section that will be utilized by future generations of paleoceanographers.

Academic dissemination of results will occur through standard outlets such as publication and meeting presentations. Key scientific results deemed important enough to be of widespread media interest will be disseminated via the University of Cambridge's Office of External
Affairs and Communications.

Given the limited nature of resources available through this limited grant program, the most effective impact strategy is one that utilizes existing media/education resources available through IODP. Prof. Hodell will sail on Expedition 339 (17 Nov 2011 - 17 Jan 2012) and engage in media and public relations activities while at sea and during the port calls. He will keep a blog on the ship describing life at sea, and will provide regular updates on aims and progress of the expedition. Interactive "Ask the Scientist" section will provide the opportunity for Q&A interaction with the public.


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Description The award provided salary support to participate in IODO Expedition 339. During the exedition we recovered 5447 m of sediment cores that will be used to reconstruct Earh's climate history.
Exploitation Route The cores recovered will provide materials for palaeoclimate research for decades to come.
Sectors Environment

Description The cores recovered during Expedition 339 will provide sediment archives for analysis by other scientists.
First Year Of Impact 2012
Sector Environment