IAA Proposal

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Research Finance


The University's mission is to 'discover and understand'. We remain committed to the goal of changing the world for the better through the power and application of ideas and knowledge.
In 2012, the University formalised its commitment to Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) in its IIKE Strategy, which has four key objectives:
1. To create and maintain deeper partnerships with external organisations
2. To make the most of our Intellectual Property
3. To engage with our City Region
4. To embed Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange within our organisation

Following the success of our Pilot NERC Impact Accelerator, we will continue to invest in short term, collaborative Research and Development projects which aim to help academics to build partnerships with Industry and public sector partners, with the ultimate aim of translating their research into real-world impact. We will also trial a secondment scheme which will see academics spending time in industry, in order to better understand the opportunities of partnership.


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