Market Research for Groundhog Desktop Software

Lead Research Organisation: NERC British Geological Survey
Department Name: Environmental Modelling


Groundhog Desktop is technical/scientific desktop software created by the British Geological Survey for visualizing and interpreting a range of geological and environmental data such as boreholes, water levels, geo-technical and geo-chemical measurements, geological maps, conceptual models and cross-sections. It can be used to assess, cross-reference and filter site data and its outputs can be used to produce site investigation and technical feasibility reports. As such it is useful to a range of geo-environmental professionals and this project will explore the market to assess whether it has commercial potential.

Planned Impact

Undertaking the appropriate market research at the earliest possible stage will help us to better align our product with the market. By making our software available commercially we will be offering a viable, easy-to-use option to this market at a reasonable cost and with the reputation of BGS behind it as reassurance of the long-term stability of the product. This will enable smaller project teams to work digitally, gain better insight into their data and produce higher-quality reports in less time. The benefits will be higher quality data insight and reporting on smaller projects, leading to lower financial and environmental risk/costs across the project. Access to purpose-built software tools will enable smaller consultancies to bid into higher status projects and grow their business, both in the domestic and international markets, and the return on investment back to the software team will underpin our ongoing software research and development work, thus contributing to development of UK IPR. Should we identify the best route to market as being via a commercial distribution partner the commercialization will also generate a wider benefit for the UK software industry.


10 25 50
Description We discovered that there are a number of sectors where our product is relevant. We also discovered the extent to which our product needs enhancement and refinement. We also used the research to help identify which sectors to tackle and develop a commercialisation strategy.
Exploitation Route We intend to pursue commercialisation using the insight gained as part of the award.
Sectors Construction,Environment

Description Our findings have been used to identify industry sectors where our core product could be commercially viable and have impact.
First Year Of Impact 2018
Sector Construction,Environment
Impact Types Societal,Economic,Policy & public services