NCAS Long Term Science - Single Centre

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds


NCAS is NERC's research centre for atmospheric science, providing National Capability in atmospheric science and also conducting pure and applied research. This proposal sets out the NCAS plans for its National Capability Long-Term Science - Single programme and activities, for the period April 2018 to March 2023. Within this proposal, a set of LTS-Single Underpinning activities are described and the case for funding made. The activities are set in the context of wider NCAS and external activities, including NCAS research programmes. No funding is requested for long-term science research programmes under this call since the entire NCAS LTS-Single budget is proposed to be dedicated to LTS-Single Underpinning activities. The particular activities for which funding is sought are ones which NERC classifies as "underpinning" long term science. These are long term activities, platforms and technical capability in support of long term scientific research in atmospheric science. Specifically NCAS proposes underpinning activities in the following areas: 1. Long term measurements; 2. Physical science; 3. Numerical modelling and evaluation; 4. Modelling support; 5. Education and training.


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