AMOF Transformation Plan

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: National Centre for Atmospheric Science


AMOF will be a "one-stop-shop" meeting the observational needs of the UK atmospheric science community. From the outside, AMOF will appear as one facility: the divisions between AMF and NFARR will disappear.

AMOF will continue the following principles developed from AMF, CFARR, and MSTRF:
1. Emphasis on the provision of data and metadata to defined, high standards;
2. Transparency of operating procedures. Documentation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
3. Consistency with international standards wherever possible (e.g. ACTRIS);
4. Close collaboration with CEDA to ensure effective dissemination and archiving of data and metadata;
5. Provision of software tools to aid working with, visualising and combining data;
6. Provision of a robust reliable service to the community that is open and transparent in its operation;
7. Provision of a joined-up service from data acquisition through quality control to delivery and long-term access.

AMOF's main link to users will be the website, which will become live on 11 March 2020. This is a completely new website designed for AMOF, covering all the products offered by the Facility, the application process, and other information about the Facility.

AMOF core deliverable is the delivery of a world-class facility to support experimental measurements in atmospheric science, including well-appointed observatory sites for fieldwork, capable of hosting short- or long-term deployments of visiting instruments.


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