Nexus Action for Mangroves in Selangor, Malaysia: protection through value creation for community-public-private partnerships (NexAMS)

Lead Research Organisation: Plymouth Marine Laboratory
Department Name: Plymouth Marine Lab


Mangroves contribute to businesses and communities through multiple ecosystem services, yet are undervalued and under-protected in Malaysia and globally. Using outputs and lessons from NetComFish (Newton-Ungku Omar Fund project), capacity building and co-creation, NexAMS aims to advance policy and business initiatives for improved, inclusive mangrove protection through sustainable use and build public-private-community partnerships, focusing on the state of Selangor.

Using stakeholder engagement, desk work and knowledge exchange, these aims will be achieved through: (i) analysis of local, state, federal and international plans, policies and commitments to identify gaps and learn lessons on how existing initiatives impact mangroves and can be modified to support sustainable development with mangroves; (ii) assessment of past, present and potential future social, economic and environmental threats to mangroves to identify mitigating actions targeted at public and private sectors; (iii) identify achievable actions for businesses to minimise their impact on mangroves, support mangrove restoration and contribute to coastal community development; (iv) community engagement to identify optimum areas for mangrove protection for sustainable use and facilitation of business-community linkages; (v) outreach, engagement and targeted communication along the policy pathway and among business networks.

For lasting impact, NexAMS will: work with stakeholders across local, state and federal decision-making tiers, and mutlisectorally, with local communities, the private sector, government, NGOs and academia; build the capacity of stakeholders to better manage mangrove resources through sustainable use; and facilitate increased interaction between different stakeholder groups to enable partnership building. These impacts will support coastal community livelihoods and environmentally sensitive economic development in Selangor and beyond.


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Description Invited speaker TropSci discourse event organised by The Mahathir Science Award Foundation (MCAF) and the Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM) 
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Primary Audience Professional Practitioners
Results and Impact Presentation 'Interdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Use of Tropical Marine Resources' given on 28/09/21 as a pre-conference event to provide background for The International Conference on Tropical Sciences: contributions to Sustainability
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2021