Maximising lasting impact for recent (fisheries), current (anthropogenic noise) and future (Cabot Institute) research programmes.

Lead Research Organisation: University of Exeter
Department Name: Biosciences


I am strategically positioned to work with Bristol research groups to maximise impact
from recent, current and future NERC-funded projects.
I will spend 70% of my time developing and delivering KE strategies for my own
- Marine Fisheries and Climate Change
- Anthropogenic Noise and Marine Ecosystems
To achieve my defined objectives, I have established partnerships with policy makers,
industry, professional bodies and management, allowing me to explore economic and
policy implications of existing research, identify important future research questions,
and communicate economic opportunities and scientific findings to end-users.
With experience from these case studies, and gained training in KE (10% of my time),
I will spend 20% of my time working throughout the University as an ambassador of
impact. I will develop strategies and build networks for KE with research groups within
the Cabot Institute for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research, an initiative involving
~300 academics and ~400 external partners


10 25 50

Related Projects

Project Reference Relationship Related To Start End Award Value
NE/J500616/1 31/08/2011 31/08/2012 £104,780
NE/J500616/2 Transfer NE/J500616/1 31/08/2012 30/12/2014 £118,469
Description The work that my students, collaborators and I have done through this grant has:

* Demonstrated that anthropogenic noise affects fish and marine invertebrates with fitness, survival and ecologically important consequences (~15 papers, including in Nature Communications)

* Found that European fisheries are being modified by warming seas, and generated predictions that show climate envelope models do not adequately predict changing fisheries, but that our modelling approaches give more ecologically-relevant predictions

* Predicted impacts of warming seas on European Fisheries over the next 35 years (published in Nature Climate Change)

* Build several partnerships (some ongoing) with industry, policymakers and managers.
Exploitation Route Managing anthropogenic noise (projects with CGG Geoscience, Ecocean Inc., Marine Scotland Science, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority)

De-risking Offshore Renewable Energy Industry (project with Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, QuietPile Ltd)

Changing fisheries management (engagement with Devon Inshore fleet, Cornish Sardines Producers Organisation)

Influencing consumers on sustainable and local fisheries (products with Sole of Discretion, Riverford Foods)
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Construction,Education,Energy,Environment,Leisure Activities, including Sports, Recreation and Tourism,Government, Democracy and Justice,Transport

Description I have presented my work at a prestigious Buckland Lecture, to EU Task Group Noise, to a Fisheries2050 workshop (, to the BBC for Blue Planet II (to be broadcast in 2017), on BBC1 Breakfast and on CBBC Newsround. My work was recently featured on BBC4: Sound Waves (episode 1: My research is now incorporated into a sustainable fish box scheme that I have set up with restaurateurs and fishermen (
First Year Of Impact 2012
Sector Agriculture, Food and Drink,Construction,Education,Energy,Environment,Leisure Activities, including Sports, Recreation and Tourism,Retail,Transport
Impact Types Cultural,Societal,Economic,Policy & public services

Description EC Task Group Noise
Geographic Reach Europe 
Policy Influence Type Participation in a advisory committee
Impact I have worked with the European Commission in Brussels at Task Group Noise to incorporate better knowledge about impacts of noise on fish and invertebrates into our interpretation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive
Description Contract
Amount € 300,000 (EUR)
Organisation CGG 
Sector Private
Country France
Start 09/2012 
End 03/2015
Description Knowledge Transfer Partnership
Amount £300,000 (GBP)
Funding ID 9254/508952 
Organisation Innovate UK 
Sector Public
Country United Kingdom
Start 07/2013 
End 08/2016
Description BBC Natural History Unit 
Form Of Engagement Activity A broadcast e.g. TV/radio/film/podcast (other than news/press)
Part Of Official Scheme? No
Geographic Reach International
Primary Audience Public/other audiences
Results and Impact BBC Blue Planet II will feature my work on anthropogenic noise, filmed in Borneo and Australia.
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2015,2016