Short term visitors programme for astrophysical research at the University of Exeter

Lead Research Organisation: University of Exeter
Department Name: Physics


There are two groups at the University of Exeter that conduct astrophysical research, the Astrophysics Group in the School of Physics and the Fluids and Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) Group within the School of Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics. The primary area of research of the Astrophysics Group is star formation, one of the current priority areas for astronomical research in the United Kingdom (U.K.), while the Fluids and MHD Group conducts research into astrophysical fluid dynamics, in particular dynamo theory and planetary atmospheres. Research on extra-solar planets provides a clear link between the groups. Together, these groups collaborate with many researchers both across the U.K. and overseas. However, Exeter is relatively geographically isolated. In order that these collaborations continue to flourish and that new links be formed it is essential that a short-term visitors programme be maintained at Exeter. This grant application is intended to fund our visitors programme over the next three years.


10 25 50
Description This grant provided funding for visitors to Exeter Astrophysics with whom we collaborate on research into star and planet formation and exoplanets.
Exploitation Route Papers published can be built upon by others.
Sectors Other

Description Findings were published in refereed journal papers.
First Year Of Impact 2007