Experimental Particle Physics: Glasgow 2006-11

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


Our aim is to generate cutting-edge physics results in strong-interaction and Higgs physics at two running experiments (CDF and ZEUS) whilst investing in two new LHC ones (ATLAS and LHCb) and promoting a world-class detector development laboratory for longer-term initiatives and spin-out applications, including the development of retinal implants and understanding how the eye works to convert light into perception. The LHC projects demand state-of-the-art radiation-hard detector technology and systems. To manage the data that will flow out from them we are leading e-science computer grid technique developments. Scientific objectives are focussed on searching for the long-predicted Higgs Boson and teasting for signs of the proposed 'supersymmetric' particles. Future accelerator and detector projects will need further technical advances. We are focussed on the needs of proton, electron and neutrino facilities.


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