MSSL PPARC Rolling Grant Proposal

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Mullard Space Science Laboratory


MSSL's PPARC rolling grant supports world-class research in astrophysics and solar system science. Investigators at MSSL are leading programmes to investigate the Earth's magnetosphere, explore the planets, understand the Sun and probe the furthest reaches of the universe. Our academic staffs are involved with the development, design, build, operations and data analysis aspects of space missions. We have hands-on involvement during the lifetime of missions that spans conception to operations. These include an impressive array of missions that are currently operational: Cassini, Cluster, Double Star, Mars Express, Coronas-F, SOHO, Swift, Venus Express and XMM-Newton. In the next grant period Solar-B and Herschel will be launched. We have had hardware involvement in all these missions, and are PI on 5. The drive for this involvement is the cutting edge science that can be achieved from these missions. We are also immersed in the development of future missions including ExoMars, Gaia, KuaFu, Xeus, LISA, and Solar Orbiter. New technologies such as cryogenic coolers for future X-ray missions, instrument miniaturisation for solar system exploration and micropenetrators to explore planets such as Mars and Venus are being developed.


10 25 50

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