Lead Research Organisation: University of Bradford
Department Name: School of Computing, Informatics & Media


The project aims to investigate proton and electron kinetics at acceleration by varying electric field, generated during magnetic reconnection in a reconnecting current sheet (RCS), formed by interacting loops, and at their precipitation into the loop legs. The particle trajectories and their distributions in an RCS governed by the electric field will be investigated using test particle, particle-in-cell and full kinetic approaches for various magnitudes of the magnetic field components of a 3D magnetic configuration taking into account the collective electric field effects. These solutions will be used to find the conditions for particle trapping or ejection from an RCS as fully or partially separated electron or proton beams. Their energy spectra at ejection will be deduced for different scenarios of magnetic reconnection. The precipitation of electron and proton beams into flaring atmospheres with a converging magnetic field will be further investigated with the Bradford kinetic code, including interaction with particles (for electrons) and with particles and waves (for protons). We will study the beams neutralisation by return currents, their resulting hard X-ray and microwave emission and examine beams' stability to the generation of plasma waves The plasma heating and macro-velocities of flaring atmospheres caused by hydrodynamic responses to the injection of each type of particles will be compared with the heliosesimic observations and suitable scenarios for particle transport will be selected.


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