Thin-film Optical Metrology for the Manufacturing Industry (TOMMI)

Lead Research Organisation: Heriot-Watt University
Department Name: Sch of Engineering and Physical Science


This proposal is a re-submission based on the panels comments gained from the July round of PIPSS applications. The objectives of this proposed knowledge transfer project are the application of a thickness monitor, developed as part of the PPARC programme (OMAM) that ended in March 2006, to the problem of measuring the thickness and local surface tilts of a protective layer applied to next generation Blu-Ray DVD disks. We have an identified customer who requires to measure simultaneously the thikness and wedge-angle of protective films aplied to Blu-Ray DVDs in manufacture. This application exploits a unnique selling point of the OMAM thin-film monitor developed in collaboration with the SME who supported the original OMAM programme. We will also explore other markets for this sensor. Thin film/laminate metrology instruments are required by a diverse range of manufacturing industries for quality control and process optimisation purposes. Such films can be found in the food packaging industry, the data storage industry, flat panel displays, automotive, semiconductor and optics industries to name but a few. Further development of this sensor will contribute to PPARC programmes through improved optical manufacture of optical instrumentation.


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