MOSES - a spectroscopic imager for KuaFu. In coordination with U of Leicester application ref: F39130X

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Mullard Space Science Laboratory


The KuaFu mission will be the first ever space mission addressing space weather science from the source of activity on the Sun right to to the Earth's magnetosphere. We will be able to image the large clouds of material, know as coronal mass ejections, leave the Sun, and determine whether they will be able to effect the Earth. If thir physical makeup is such that they will effect the Earth we will be able to observe it through in situ measurements, and auroral imaging. The area of space science is one which is becoming increasingly important due to our dependence on satellites through most importantly navigation and communication.


10 25 50
Description It was proven that spectral imaging of the Sun can be achieved without the use of a slit spectrograph.
Exploitation Route We are carrying on collaboration with our MOSES colleagues. They have another rocket flight in 2016 that we will support with Hinode observations.
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