Rolling Grant Programme in Astrophysics, Planetary Science and Space Instrumentation - 2007-2012

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leicester
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


We propose a broad scientific programme encompassing astrophysics, planetary science and space intrumentation. In high energy astrophysics, we will investigate a range of phenomena including gamma-ray bursts, accretion-driven sources and high temperature galactic environments, fully utilising current missions such as XMM-Newton and Swift. Our astrophysics programme also places emphasis on dwarf stars, from hot white dwarfs through to cool dwarfs and brown dwarfs, and on exploitation of novel sky survey data from WASP and other projects. In planetary science we will further develop our expertise in modelling planetary X-ray emissions and extend our investigations of novel instrumentation, such as the Life Marker Chip, in anticipation of opportunities afforded by the Aurora and Cosmic Visions programmes. Our laboratory programme also includes the further development of Charge Coupled Device technology for application in future Space Astronomy programmes and the study of new concepts in X-ray Interferometry and X-ray Polarimetry. Finally we propose a commitment to knowledge transfer and the maintenance of a high quality and extensive public outreach activity.


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Bianchi L (2018) Using GALEX-SDSS-PanSTARRS-HST-Gaia to understand post-AGB evolution in Astrophysics and Space Science

Description Rolling Grant
Amount £3,407,604 (GBP)
Organisation Science and Technologies Facilities Council (STFC) 
Sector Public
Country United Kingdom
Start 04/2010 
End 03/2015