Technology transfer of ADR ground based technology

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Mullard Space Science Laboratory


Cryogen-free practical and affordable coolers operating below 20mK would be a very significant step forward, if not a breakthrough, for cryogenic research. This project will enable the commercial production of such coolers by combining the Mullard Space Science Laboratory's proven ADR expertise and the cryogenic engineering excellence of Scientific Magnetics. We propose to develop for the first time a cryogen frees Adiabatic Demagnetisation Refrigerator to reach temperatures in the region of 10 mK. In addition by adapting the Scientific Magnetics sample interchange mechanism to operate with the ADR we will develop the means to changing the cold test sample without the need to return the whole system to room temperature. These developments will be achieved by using our knowledge and experience of ADR manufacture, based on demonstrated, accurate and detailed modelling, and Scientific Magnets 9 Tesla cryogen free magnet system and 1.5 K sample interchange mechanism developed for the Diamond light source. This project will see the enhancement of Scientific Magnetics' cryogenic engineering capability through the transfer of key and novel technology from MSSL's ADR programme which has been built up over the last 15 years. As a result of this transfer a new milli-kelvin tool for research will be created and marketed by Scientific Magnetics.


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