PATT-Linked Grant for Travel and Subsistence

Lead Research Organisation: Liverpool John Moores University
Department Name: Astrophysics Research Institute


This is an application for a PATT-Linked Grant to cover the travel and subsistence to support observing runs carried out by staff at the Astrophysics Research Institute (ARI). ARI staff carry out observational research programmes in a diverse range of astrophysics: star formation, the structure and content of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, active galactic nuclei, galaxy evolution, gamma-ray bursts, extra-solar planets, novae and supernovae. We currently have 26 active researchers, of whom 15 are regular users of STFC telescopes or other PATT-supported ground-based telescopes. We have followed current PPARC guidlines and we give full details of travel and subsistence for PATT observing runs over the last two years. We also highlight major new Liverpool-led observing projects which will have a significant call on PATT T&S in the near future.


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