Inelastic proton scattering of 21Na in inverse kinematics

Lead Research Organisation: University of York
Department Name: Physics


Stellar explosions such as novae and X-ray bursts are powered by the astrophysical rp-process where protons are rapidly fused to produce heavier elements. The breakout into this rp-process is governed by a few key nuclear reactions whose rates are presently uncertain. The aim of this experiment is to improve our understanding of one of these key reactions: 18Ne(a,p)21Na. This will be achieved by carrying out the reaction in reverse using a radioactive 21Na beam from the ISAC-II facility in TRIUMF.


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Description An experiment was carried out on 21Na(p,p'g) reaction at the ISAC facility in TRIUMF. This led to a PhD thesis by Adam Tuff. A paper is in preparation.
Exploitation Route It will encourage other work in nuclear astrophysics and be of interest to astrophysicists.
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