Support for ESO / VISTA exploitation

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute of Astronomy


This grant will allow for the renewal of some CASU computing infrastructure in early 2012.

Planned Impact



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Banerji M (2013) Hyperluminous reddened broad-line quasars at z ~ 2 from the VISTA Hemisphere Survey and WISE all-sky survey in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters

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Jarvis M (2013) The VISTA Deep Extragalactic Observations (VIDEO) survey? in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society

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Lodieu N (2012) First T dwarfs in the VISTA Hemisphere Survey in Astronomy & Astrophysics

Description The award was part of the operational support for the VISTA Data Flow System which began pipeline processing of VISTA public survey data in Autumn 2009. The fully calibrated pipelined products from the VDFS have been used across a broad range of astronomical research projects.
Exploitation Route Fully calibrated processed images and object catalogues form the basis of much observational astronomical research. As such they are widely used by the astronomical community to fully exploit their data.
Sectors Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Other

Description This award was to provide interim hardware support for bulk processing of VISTA public survey data. The grant was used to help support the VISTA Data Flow System (VDFS) operations which started in Autumn 2009.
First Year Of Impact 2009
Sector Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Other
Impact Types Cultural

Description Vista Data Flow System 
Organisation Royal Observatory Edinburgh
Department Wide Field Astronomy Unit
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution Collaborative venture to process and archive ALL data obtained on the VISTA telescope run by ESO in Paranal.
Collaborator Contribution CASU handle all the data processing and calibration.
Impact All of the VISTA public survey programmes are dependent on this collaboration.
Start Year 2009