Additional T&S and Other Indirect for the Sheffield Current Rolling Grant

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


We are living in an exceptional age for major discoveries in both particle physics and particle astrophysics with potential for producing step changes in our understanding of the composition of matter and the structure of the Universe. The research we are planning for the particle physics and particle astrophysics group at Sheffield is at the core of these discoveries. The requested minor additional T&S and consumables here will be used in accordance with the objectives of the 2009 Sheffield Rolling grant that covers ATLAS, T2K, FNE, MICE, accelerator and detector R&D.

Planned Impact

The PPPA group at Sheffield has a strong record of outside impact through KE activity that since 2009 has roughly tripled to include funded projects with direct impact in government, industry or medical priority areas, particularly in energy and environmental. Currently 15 UK companies are involved, with other activity across several non-physics departments, other Universities and government organisations. The particular impact from this additional grant will be in line with those listed in the 2009 Sheffield Rolling Grant application.


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