BlueGene/Q Operations for DiRAC Services

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Physics and Astronomy


Distributed Research utilising Advanced Computing (DiRAC) is an integrated set of high-performance computing facilities supporting theoretical research in particle physics, astrophysics and nuclear physics, which is using computer simulation to obtain a deeper understanding of standard models, to seek signals of new physics by confronting them with experiment and observation, and to develop new models that provide better descriptions of nature. The BlueGene/Q computer at Edinburgh provides petascale capability, employing the most energy-efficient technology in the world, and will be utilised for projects selected by DiRAC's Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) through peer review.

Planned Impact

The University of Edinburgh contribution to the design, prototyping and testing of BlueGene/Q enabled IBM to bring a better product to market and created this major computing platform for DiRAC. The ongoing software development and exploitation for some of the most computationally demanding science in the world will help to ensure these machines are utilised effectively for a wide range of applications that benefit the economy, the environment and our health, and, by training members of the DiRAC Consortium in using the most advanced supercomputer technology, it will enhance computing skills in the workforce.


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