Lights in the Sky "Planeterium Show".

Lead Research Organisation: Techniquest
Department Name: Development


The aim of this project is to develop a facilitated full dome digital planetarium programme together with supporting resources to engage new audiences in the STFC research associated with the Rosetta, Gaia, STEREO and SOHO missions. Furthermore, it will increase public understanding of the science associated with observing the stars, planets, comets and meteors. The show will be developed for small horizontal domes and portable planetaria, and provided free-of-charge to operators around the UK, meeting a current gap in provision.

Planned Impact

On completion of the project, a final report will be produced and sent to STFC. The report will also be disseminated to the wider STEM and education sectors including: The Department for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning (DCELL) and local education authorities.
Information about the project will be disseminated through science centre networks such as ASDC (Association for Science and Discovery Centres), ECSITE (The European Network of Science Centres and Museums) and the British Association of Planeteria (BAP). The planetarium show will also be made available to Dark Sky Wales, Techniquest Glyndwr and to other science communication organisations through the BAP and ASDC networks.

The online resources will be distributed to the national STEM Library in York and placed on Techniquest's website.
Prof. Roche will disseminate information on the show through his role as ESERO-UK Space Ambassador for Wales, ensuring information reaches the specific schools' market. In particular, Techniquest will work with STFC to publicise its support. This will include:

submitting a number of press releases (to local media) linked to acknowledge your support
STFC support will be acknowledged on Techniquest's website
STFC support will be acknowledged within Techniquest's building and in our annual review and accounts
STFC support will be acknowledged on materials associated with the project.

Brecon Beacons National Park Authority will promote the project on the International Dark Sky Association website.


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