The Naked Scientists: The Next Generation

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute for Continuing Education


The Naked Scientists: The Next Generation seeks to nurture the next generation of ambassadors and advocates for STFC science. We propose to establish a programme of paid internships that will recruit PhD students from STFC-supported institutions and facilities nationally and embed candidates within the Naked Scientists team. Participants will receive hands-on training within a real-world media environment, which will include learning to write and broadcast about science for general audiences. Participants will contribute to the Naked Scientists flagship science radio programmes, which are aired by the BBC and other broadcasters internationally, as well as learning to produce and present their own podcasts and programmes. Whilst with us, their skills and knowledge will also be used to produce dedicated programme episodes of the Naked Scientists, which will focus on the intern's own scientific subject area. These programmes will be distributed to million-scale audiences internationally. Our aim is to empower our trainees to become beacons for good engagement practice, meaning that upon their return to their own local laboratory environment, they may initiate and support their own local outreach programmes, including assisting their peers and seniors to do likewise. By keeping in touch with these individuals after they have completed their training, we also aim to establish a strong network of communicators nationally, and from across the full spectrum of STFC's research portfolio, in order to strengthen and inform future Naked Scientists programme-making ventures.


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Description This award activated in January 2016. It will enable us to train up to 9 early career scientists pursuing research in sectors relevant to the remit of STFC. In February we advertised nationally for applicants. By the time of the deadline the available positions had been oversubscribed one and a half times over. We are now setting up interviews with those applicants.
Exploitation Route The applicants we train will create educational media content for non-specialists, helping to increase public understanding of the research supported by STFC. The participants themselves will also become highly trained in communications and outreach.
Sectors Education,Other

Description This work is training early career scientists in transferable skills relevant to communication of science. This will lead to the creation of educational multimedia for public consumption, increasing public awareness of research supported by STFC, as well as benefiting the participants directly.
First Year Of Impact 2016
Sector Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Education,Other
Impact Types Cultural,Societal