NanoSIMS access for Glasgow Consolidated Grant work

Lead Research Organisation: The Open University
Department Name: Physical Sciences


The overall project summary remains the same as that originally identified in the original Consolidated Grant ST/K000942/1 awarded to University of Glasgow.

The request here is to allow the NanoSIMS 50L at the Open University to be used to determine the oxygen isotopic composition os small grains (down to about 10 microns across) of secondary carbonates found in primitive carbonaceous chondrites. These grains formed at over 4,500 million years ago in small protoplanetary bodies as they heated up shortly after accretion, mobilising ice and other fluids. As such these grains record some of the earliest stages of planetary alteration in the solar system, recording the timescales of these early events and the conditions and possible origin of the fluids.

Planned Impact

This remains the same as that originally outlined in the original Consolidated Grant ST/K000942/1 awarded to University of Glasgow.


10 25 50
Description Further evidence of the isotopic evolution of fluids on asteroids when the first formed 4.5 billion years ago. Multiple events were associated with the formation of the secondary minerals created by the interaction of the fluid and the rocky material. The isotopic composition of the fluid associated with each event was different - indicating exchange between fluid and rock. Update 2017 - extended survey of meteorite parent bodies reveals common processes across protoplanetary disk.
Exploitation Route Several publication now available in international journals
Sectors Environment,Other

Description Increased understanding of the origin and evolution of water in SS - potential interest to in situ resource utilisation for future inter-planetary missions, asteroid mining, etc.
Sector Other
Description NanoSIMS access for Glasgow Univ Consolidated Grant 
Organisation University of Glasgow
Department School of Geographical and Earth Sciences Glasgow
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution Provided nanosims measurements to Glasgow University Consolidated Grant project
Collaborator Contribution Performed in situ oxygen isotope measurements of carbonates in primitive carbonaceous chondrites
Impact Publications yet to be submitted.
Start Year 2012