DESI: The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

Lead Research Organisation: University of Portsmouth
Department Name: Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation


We request support here for £0.5M (at the 100% funding level) which will be used to allow scientists at the University of Portsmouth to join the DESI collaboration, as part of the overall UK buy-in to the project.

Planned Impact

DESI is a ground-based experiment to study the expansion rate of the universe and the growth of cosmological structure with a wide-angle spectroscopic galaxy and quasar redshift survey. The 5000-fibre DESI spectrograph will allow an order of magnitude improvement in the distance scale over the redshifts 0.8


10 25 50
Description This grant was used to buy the University of Portsmouth into the DESI collaboration. DESI is a next generation physics experiment to understand the Universe. All outputs are linked to the experiment, which is due to start in 2019.
Exploitation Route DESI will lead to a better understanding of the Universe, through the development of specialist hardware and software.
Sectors Education