St Andrews astronomy: PATT linked travel and subsistence

Lead Research Organisation: University of St Andrews
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


We request travel and subsistence support in the form of a PATT-linked grant to enable observers in the Astronomy group
at the University of St Andrews to take up telescope time awarded by peer review panels such as PATT, on major
international facilities. In total, we ask for a budget of 43200 GBP to support our research programs on exoplanets,
star formation, and galaxy evolution. In particular, we ask for funding for the following projects:

- to conduct guaranteed time observations with the new Harps-North spectrograph at the TNG in La Palma, to confirm exoplanets detected by the Kepler mission.
- to follow-up microlensing events as part of large-scale consortia, with observations carried out at non-STFC approved telescopes in Chile and South Africa
- to study the initial stages of star and planet formation using optical, infrared and submm/mm cameras at international facilities
- to secure specialised data on large optical/mm telescopes to investigate the detailed properties of galaxies


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