PATT Travel Grant 2015

Lead Research Organisation: Armagh Observatory
Department Name: Astronomy


Astronomers undertake observations with a view to discovering new phenomena and to test predictions of theoretical models. Astronomers in Armagh make observations of the Sun with a view to better understanding the nature of flares and how they may impact on space weather. They also undertake surveys to identify stars which are varying in their flux on short timescales. These stellar systems can, for instance, be sources or intense gravitational radiation or pulsating stars. Other observations are made to study specific stars in detail to determine what they are made from and the structure of their magnetic field. Closer to home, observations are made to study small objects in the Solar System which gives insight to how the planets were made and how they evolve over time.


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Borisov G (2017) The olivine-dominated composition of the Eureka family of Mars Trojan asteroids in Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society