Transit of Mercury, 9th May 2016 - an event programme for Cardiff

Lead Research Organisation: National Museum Wales
Department Name: Natural Sciences


The aims of this application link directly to delivering public engagement events in Cardiff to coincide with, and promote, the transit of Mercury on 9th May 2016.

1. To build on the success of the Cardiff 2015 solar eclipse events to promote astronomy and astrophysics to public audiences in the Cardiff area.

2. To mark the transit of Mercury by providing viewing opportunities and promote recent research on Mercury to an audience with a wide range of science knowledge and range in age range. The transit of Mercury comes shortly after the ending of the MESSANGER mission and provides an idea vehicle to promote research findings to local audiences in South Wales. The partnership between Cardiff University and Amgeuddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales (AC-NMW) allows us to combine the expertise of active researchers with a track record of public engagement with the experience of engaging both known, and new, audience through inclusive community engagement and participation.

3. To use the transit of Mercury to attract and engage a non-science audience through a cross-over art and science event. In an educational system that frequently results in students at 16+ having a curriculum polarised between art and science, we aim to provide a bridge between these extremes. This facilitates non-scientist to appreciate the magnitude and beauty of planetary exploration rather than being alienated by the complexity of the science.

4. To proactively include socially deprived groups within events to expand the reach of the enagement.

Planned Impact

This application is for public engagement events. These events will be advertised using standard vehicles such as the Museum's hard copy publicity, the website with events listing and schools information circulars: they will also be promoted to potential audience through social media, IOP networks and through the Cardiff University Schools Partnership office. The events will also be promoted to Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales audiences at sites across Wales, and via local and national radio (Cardiff Radio and Radio Wales).


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