Bristol PPGP Capital Request 2016

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Physics


The Bristol particle physics group is pursuing an ambitious scientific programme, which is currently funded through STFC's Particle Physics Grants Panel until September 2019. The group is searching for signs of physics beyond the standard model (SUSY, dark matter, enhanced CP violation etc.) in LHC data, as well as at non-LHC experiments (SoLiD and NA62), and conducting R&D towards a wide variety of future experiments.

This proposal is for capital equipment to support and enhance the ongoing programme.

Planned Impact

- There will be a societal impact amongst the general public as we publicise the results of our research through outreach.

- We will engage with school age students and teachers to convey the excitement of fundamental research, motivating more students to study STEM subjects at post-16 and HE levels.

- Engagement with UK industry through contracts and joint projects, and through the provision of well-trained physicists as employees, will result in economic impact

- Other academic disciplines will benefit from our skills, knowledge and capabilities, addressing a number of important problems across a range of fields

Full details are given in the documentation for the group's full 2015 PPGP Consolidated Grant request


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