Active Filtering Technology Transfer for Magnetocardiogram Data Sets (ATTMEDS)

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


Creavo Medical Technologies make magnetocardiographs, devices for detailed modelling of the heart of patients presenting with symptoms consistent with heart disease.

We propose a collaborative research project with Creavo, that utilises existing expertise in signal processing, vibration isolation, vibration measurement, and dynamic tracking of sine wave components of data, to try and improve the filtering of background noise in the hospital environment found to affect Creavo devices. This expertise was gained whilst the Sheffield group was working on instrument science in connection with the LIGO gravitational wave detectors, and thus this project represents technology transfer from LIGO (with STFC support) to a UK owned and located SME. This project has the potential to impact heart patients worldwide, to help a strong British business, and to achieve impact from STFC-funded, nominally ' blue skies ' University research.

The proposed duration of the project is two years, during which specialised noise removal techniques will be tried in Creavo units under evaluation in test facilities at Creavo's research headquarters, and also at the University of Sheffield. We will also explore the use of specialised vibration measurement hardware and explore possibilities for the implementation of the developed methods in commercial unites manufactured by Creavo.


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Description Creavo Medical Technologies 
Organisation Creavo Medical Technologies
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Private 
PI Contribution We implemented a novel method for extracting waveforms of the magnetic field of the human heart from very noisy data from their multichannel magnetometer detector
Collaborator Contribution The Creavo team contained several expert staff who were helpful in showing us how to read their data, describing the origins of various troublesome sources of noise, and loaning us instruments to help us to generate our own data
Impact A paper is in preparation.
Start Year 2017