IRIS Digital Assets - Scientific OpenStack Development

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute of Astronomy


To develop a Scientific OpenStack Digital Asset as part of the STFC-IRIS project. All developments where appropriate will be pushed upstream to the OpenStack projects and where specific development of software has been provided these will be available on the StackHPC github.

Planned Impact

The impact is fully described in the Business Case for eInfrastructure for the exploitation of the UK National Facilities and STFC Frontier Science programme.

In summary the e-Infrastructure, including software infrastructure, will

- Provide badly needed additional resources for all STFC data intensive science communities undertaking science supported by PPAN and the National Facilities, thus enabling more science output.

- Address the STFC need to harmonise computing across STFC as called for by its Computing Strategy.

- Pilot engagement with UK industry in the provision of cloud based resources.

- Aid STFC in its need to move towards a National e-Infrastructure for research across Research Councils.


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