THz driven injection for high-quality high-gradient novel acceleration

Lead Research Organisation: Lancaster University
Department Name: Physics


Bunching of particle beams driven by laser-generated terahertz pulses offers a route to femtosecond control of electron beams surpassing current radio-frequency capability. Following on from our recent international-first demonstrations of THz-driven acceleration of relativistic beams, we will undertake a proof-of-concept demonstration of THz-driven compression of high energy electron beams. The achievement of THz-driven compression will provide few-femtosecond duration electron beams with femtosecond-level synchronisation control. Such a capability will enable controlled injection into novel acceleration schemes, such as the plasma wakefield acceleration of AWAKE, and the attainment of the beam quality and high energy necessary for high-energy physics. It will also enable revolutionary improvements in accelerator based light sources, and in ultrafast electron diffraction.

Planned Impact

This project will develop high gradient accelerating/deflecting structures with high quality beams beyond the capabilities of all current technology. This technology could be utilised for any application requiring a large gradient and/or compact size. When utilised for bunching THz linacs can deliver very compact bunch lengths which can be coupled to other novel accelerator technologies.

As well as allowing high energy linacs for scientific purposes the technology will also allow very compact accelerators for medical, security and industrial uses. This will allow higher energy compact linacs opening up new application areas.


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