PATT Linked Grant for the Durham Astrophysics Group 2021-23

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Physics


The Durham observational astronomers are among the most successful at obtaining telescope time at observatories around the world. This grant for travel funds is to ensure that the observers have an administratively simple source of funds to be present at the telescope to execute their observations.



Alastair Clouston Edge (Principal Investigator)
Shaun Cole (Co-Investigator)
Tom Theuns (Co-Investigator)
Richard Wilson (Co-Investigator)
Adrian Jenkins (Co-Investigator) orcid
Martin Ward (Co-Investigator)
Leah Kathleen Morabito (Co-Investigator) orcid
Ryan James Cooke (Co-Investigator)
Gordon Love (Co-Investigator)
Ian Smail (Co-Investigator) orcid
Nigel Metcalfe (Co-Investigator)
Vince Eke (Co-Investigator)
Iohn Peder Norberg (Co-Investigator)
Simon Leo Morris (Co-Investigator) orcid
Ray Martin Sharples (Co-Investigator) orcid
Carlos Frenk (Co-Investigator)
Russell Julian Smith (Co-Investigator)
David Mark Alexander (Co-Investigator)
Chris Done (Co-Investigator)
John Lucey (Co-Investigator)
Anthony M. Brown (Co-Investigator) orcid
Carlton Baugh (Co-Investigator)
Simone Scaringi (Co-Investigator) orcid
Mathilde Jauzac (Co-Investigator)
Alis Deason (Co-Investigator) orcid
Paula Chadwick (Co-Investigator) orcid
Richard Massey (Co-Investigator)
Timothy Paul Roberts (Co-Investigator) orcid
Richard Gwyn Bower (Co-Investigator) orcid
Anthony Mark Swinbank (Co-Investigator)
Anna Faye McLeod (Co-Investigator) orcid


10 25 50