UK SKA Regional Centre (UKSRC) IRIS Infrastructure Capital Grant for FY2022-2023

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute of Astronomy


This grant award is for the purchase of eInfrastructure (Digital Assets CPU, Storage, Networking) as part of the IRIS consortium. IRIS supports STFC Science Projects, including the National Facilities and Science Programmes. Refer to the Business Case for eInfrastructure for the exploitation of the UK National Facilities and STFC Frontier Science programme.

To purchase hardware and set up a coherent set of services that are easily monitored and accessed by the STFC UK SKA UKSRC and SDP teams in the UK via a coherent set of IRIS services. Testing and development is expected to be carried out by teams using existing IRIS Project resources so that the IRIS community
can make use of a much larger and richer set of services without unnecessary duplication.


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