UK SKA Regional Centre (UKSRC) Cloud Infrastructure Digital Assets 2023-2026

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Institute of Astronomy


The UK Square Kilometre Array Regional Centre (UKSRC) Project will deliver the following for the UK SKA Science Community between 2023-2026: Training resources; the UK hardware, networking and enabling software required for an UKSRC Node, a UK Operations and Federated Services capability to allow the UK SKA Science Community to access UK based resources as a precursor to using the wider SRCNet resources; Software, Workflows and Data Services that can work in the proposed Federation environment and Data and should be of particular interest to the UK SKA Science Community; an UKSRC Data Archive Service; and a programme of UK focussed Science User Engagement activities.]

The Digital Assets Programme 2023-2026 of UKSRC requires several Cloud digital assets to be produced by the UKSRC Capital Programme. The key Digital Assets that will be produced are: Azimuth, the cloud portal platform that will be the basis of UKSRC Science Platforms; IT Functional Modules that Azimuth will use to configure UKSRC Science Platforms; Hardware and Cloud Platform; Secure, Performant and Persistent Cloud based storage.


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