Ice Sheets

Lead Research Organisation: Natural Environment Research Council


This project forms one of five funded as part of the 'Climate Research Programme' . This was funded jointly by NERC and the Met Office with an overarching aim of ensuring that the UK maintains and strengthens its leading international position in climate science, and hence in climate forecasting and provision of advice for climate policy. In its initial phase, five joint research posts and a Programme Manager post were created. The five research posts covered areas of existing collaboration that were considered as priorities for further development by NERC and the Met Office. The JCRP also established a jointly-owned partition (MONSooN) of the new Met Office supercomputer to enable NERC and Met Office scientists to share data and run models on the same platform. It was recognised that the areas of joint interest in both research and facilities extend beyond climate, good examples being the jointly owned research aircraft and existing cooperation on the Argo float programme. Following the ground-breaking development of the JCRP and the level of co-operation that has ensued, it is clear that the benefits of broadening the scope of the JCRP to encompass all areas of joint interest could be substantial. In addition, the increasing appreciation of the seamless nature of weather and climate and the importance of fundamental oceanic and atmospheric processes and weather phenomena in climate prediction is driving a move towards a more unified approach to weather and climate research. These factors have led to the programme being renamed the Joint Weather & Climate Research Programme, JWCRP


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Gladstone R (2010) Grounding line migration in an adaptive mesh ice sheet model in Journal of Geophysical Research