Chronometry and Chronometers on British Voyages of Exploration, c.1815-c.1872

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Geosciences


The focus of the PhD will be to examine the ways in which nineteenth-century British voyages of exploration used chronometers in their routine navigation and more specialised expeditionary activities. The aim is to cover the period that saw chronometers becoming standard on naval vessels (by about 1830), but before the advent of more science-based oceanic exploration from the early 1870s, and to explore how on-board practices changed and developed in this period of significant exploratory activity. The project will use archival evidence, the world-leading collections of the National Maritime Museum, and primary material in other leading repositories. The successful student should expect to spend periods of Year 1 and extended amounts of Year 2 in Greenwich and in associated repositories. The student will be integrated into and supported by the research community at the NMM and be part of the UK-wide CDP scheme which provides opportunities for networking, dissemination, and advanced research training.


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