iTALKbetter: an interactive tablet-based application to help aphasic patients speak again

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience


The aim of this PhD project is for a student to develop our UCL developed interactive, speech rehabilitation application iTALKbetter jointly with our industry partner SoftV from current proof-of-concept to a deployable treatment software App for these patients to improve their spoken language function.
PURPOSE: iTALKbetter is a speech therapy App for mobile devices that will improve aphasic patients language and communication function. A speech problem in "finding the right words" (anomia) is the hallmark of aphasia. Currently there are no digital treatments for aphasia that provide feedback on speech performance. Feedback is critical for word learning.
FEASIBILITY: This will be an excellent opportunity for the right candidate to gain valuable experience in an exciting project that intersects voice signal processing, computer science, clinical neuroscience and medical entrepreneurship. The current VR prototype software programme uses the freely available Sphinx recogniser, not for speech recognition but for speech verification. The software (a mobile App) will have three key components: diagnosis, naming therapy and outcome measurement. A key USP is the development of voice recognition (VR) software within a game format that learns from and interacts with aphasic patient's speech and supports personalisation of the therapy game according to patient's progress.


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