Is Domestic Violence Violent Crime?

Lead Research Organisation: Lancaster University
Department Name: Computing & Communications


Criminological research into violent crime typically focuses on perpetrators, while domestic violence typically focuses on victims, is treated as a distinct form of violence, and is researched in the adjacent field of Violence against Women. Theorising domestic violence as a violent crime by domestic perpetrators (Walby and Towers 2017) and including both victims and perpetrators in the analytical framework enables interrogation of the question: does domestic violence have its own aetiology or can the aetiology of violent crime encompass domestic violence? This question is the focus of the PhD.

This 'big' question contains several elements, including: differentiations in harm (frequency and severity) for different forms of violence, whether the sex of the victim is significant; ; whether the perpetrator/victim relationship is significant (intimate partner, other domestic ' relation, acquaintance or stranger); and the impact of multiple and complex inequalities. The
PhD will interrogate these elements.
'. This PhD will thus address the question of whether domestic violence is violent crime or 1 whether it is a distinct phenomenon which requires its own aetiology.


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Title Changing violence 
Description A dataset was created in collaboration with other researchers. This will be used for this project. This is a merged dataset of 10 sweeps of crime data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales. The crimes included in this new merged dataset are limited to violent offences. 
Type Of Material Database/Collection of data 
Year Produced 2019 
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Impact This dataset will aid the researchers involved in its making. It will be used as a part of our future research projects. Once these projects have been done, the dataset will eventually be made available to other researchers also.