Art and Cultural Impact: Exploring Alternative Models for Creative Practices, Policy and Sustainability in Contemporary Urban Space.

Lead Research Organisation: Birmingham City University
Department Name: ADM Birmingham Sch of Media


Critically examine investments and support networks for creative practice in urban environments that exist beyond the purview of standard cultural funding and how this can integrate with cultural policymaking.
- What channels of investment exist beyond the standard models of cultural funding?
- Do innovative/non-standard modes of cultural funding demonstrate a wider role for creative practice in urban rejuvenation without diluting artistic, cultural or social integrity?
- What are the effects of cultural intermediation in diverse urban communities?
-How are cultural needs/aspirations exchanged between multi-faith urban communities, cultural intermediaries and policymakers?

My preparation includes research (MA) into the role of faith practices in forming cultural 'characteristic' in music, 18 yrs professional experience delivering arts activity in communities where culture/creative practice thrive but remain 'off-grid' to professional arts networks and published articles examining professional practice. This study will bring this together with existing research: (Belfiore, E & Bennett, O 2007 'Rethinking the Social Impacts of the Arts, Ahearne. J & Bennet, 0 2009 'Cultural Policies and religion') to examine different models of cultural intermediation in multi-faith urban environment and the relationships between creative practice, policy and urban rejuvenation.

I will undertake a 4 stage research project:
1. Review cultural policy/theory and interplay between policy and regeneration. Set research agenda/definitions.
2. Map landscape of current and historic creative practice in Sparkbrook. Examine effects of cultural intermediation.
3. Practice led research analysing arts projects with contrasting resourcing models and their affects on creative practice/regeneration.
4. Propose and evaluate funding frameworks and processes of intermediation that embrace/benefit from emergent models and networks. Share through academic, professional and community networks.

Soul City Arts' work developing alternative funding in networks offers an ideal case study.


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