Self-renewal and differentiation in intestinal stem cells (PIN_F17DTP1)

Lead Research Organisation: University of East Anglia
Department Name: Graduate Office


The intestinal epithelium is formed by a continuous monolayer of epithelial cells with crypts or invaginations into the mucosa and in the small intestine protrusions or villi towards the lumen. Intestinal stem cells are located at the base of the crypts and they are the driving force behind the continuous renewal of the intestinal epithelium. Recent experimental research has generated fundamental insight into the biology of stem cells during homeostasis. However, it has also revealed important questions concerning their proliferation and ability to replace each other. The purpose of this project is to integrate analytical and computational models with experimental work to advance our understanding of the behaviour of the stem cell population in a healthy GI tract and help to quantify loss of homeostasis in disease.


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BB/M011216/1 01/10/2015 30/09/2023
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