Contact and context: The effect of attitudes towards immigrants on the well-being of immigrant minorities

Lead Research Organisation: London School of Economics & Pol Sci
Department Name: Social Policy


The main research aim of this dissertation is to analyse how the majority groups attitudes influence minorities subjective well-being. Minorities well-being may be affected by the nature of their contact with the majority population and majority attitudes towards them. However, while there is increasing interest in the well-being of minorities and the factors that contribute to it, the role of contact with majority and majority group attitudes has not been extensively studied. My contribution is to bring together the literature on intergroup contact with that of subjective well-being of migrants. Moreover, I look at not only how majority attitudes may impact minorities, but also how contact may itself shape those attitudes.


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Studentship Projects

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ES/P000622/1 01/10/2017 30/09/2027
1941204 Studentship ES/P000622/1 21/09/2017 30/11/2021 Michaela Sedovicova
Description I hypothesise, this research will introduce findings, however the analyses are not yet finished.
Exploitation Route Results might influence social policies and further research on the topic.
Sectors Communities and Social Services/Policy