SSA - Role of DNA methylation in brain function

Lead Research Organisation: University of York
Department Name: Biology


Understanding how the brain stores and processes information remains one of the most important challenges in neuroscience. Increasing evidence suggests that brain networks perform these tasks by time-dependent coordination in neuronal activity, which are visualised as brain rhythms or 'brain waves'. Considerable progress has been made in understanding the cellular and neural circuit mechanisms that generate these rhythms. However, little is known about the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms responsible for sustaining brain rhythms over the course of a lifetime. New findings in our lab promise new insights into these questions. The DNA binding protein MeCP2 represents an epigenetic mechanism to regulate gene expression. MeCP2 is essential for brain function as its loss leads to devastating neurological disorders in humans. During this project, you will use genetic, imaging, and electrophysiological recordings to reveal how MeCP2 supports brain rhythms and brain function. If you have questions or would like further information about the project, we encourage you to contact Dr Goffin before making your formal application.


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