X-ray non-linear spectroscopy and application to attosecond quantum

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Dept of Physics


The aim of the project is to explore the possibility of quantum control on ultra-fast timescales of coherent superpositions formed in the condensed phase.
The objectives will be to: prove the attosecond soft x-ray time resolved method in condensed phase systems. Then specifically apply these to liquid phase with the X-ray pulses synchronised to pump and control few cycle pulses. The research will then investigate the possibility of control at conical intersections of photochemical reactions involving pi-conjugated organic molecules.
The research will take place in the Blackett laboratory and at the Artemis facility (STFC RAL/Harwell). Initial work at Imperial will examine control over a simple ring opening reaction in cyclohexadiene. The possibility to extend the work to more complex molecular processes e.g. metal-ligand systems of importance to photo-catalysis would be carried out using the higher repetition rate lasers becoming available at RAL.


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EP/R512540/1 01/10/2017 31/03/2022
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